Re-learn the Art, Pleasure and Liberation of Play!

July 6-12, 2015    Nyhaug, Atrå, Telemark, Norway.

Is there a more exhuberant, passionate, playful you that yearns for more freedom of expression? With all life’s habitual, stressfull adult roles and responsibilites, how can you let go and lose your sense of restriction? There is a playful way, which is profound and fun,  where you can be who you really are, in present moment awareness.

Imagine being with a group in a beautiful place and led by someone who has succesfully done this for 25 years. In this retreat you will experience a storyteller, clown and teacher’s exploration of authentic relating, presence practices, meditation, performance and group work.  You will be in the unfolding discovery of authenticity, vulnerability, curiosity, innocence and joy.

This 6 day retreat in the beautiful Norwegian mountains gives you

  • time and opportunity to experience many layers of yourself
  • have fun, laugh, feel more
  • be with people who always turn out to be amazing
  • expand how you express yourself with your voice and physicality
  • experience joy and aliveness in engaging workshops
  • forget time, live now
  • access and explore inner worlds in meditation and relaxation
  • play with emotion and imagination in new ways
  • be deeply seen and met
  • learn the beautiful art and heart of the clown
  • spend time in silence and in nature
  • listen to and share stories by firelight
  • come home well fed, balanced and inspired.

Re-learning the art, pleasure, and liberation of playing builds trust, brings us into the now and encourages risk taking. You loosen and open up. You become more alert as the play makes you aware of physicality. Your voice does new things. Parts of us that may feel unacknowledged usually, are given space. The best play is a lot of fun, includes everyone and has no goal or winner.

The sublime art of the clown is YOU, as you are in essence, in each new moment. Clowning is a magnificent training for anyone, in authenticity, vulnerability and awareness. Forget wigs, makeup, pretense or anything rehearsed. Clowning lets us see and receive others in all our exquisite diversity and depth. Its a beautiful way to be in the heart, to be simple, to be without a plan.

A shared field of attention and care builds as we go through the retreat. Periods of silence, meditation or presence exercises ground and expand your ability to stay present. Whatever the process we are in, we pay attention to the unfolding presence between us.

You do not need to know how any of this works or to have done it before.  It is in the not knowing, in the being, that the magic often appears. So if you are someone who feels ready to break free from constrictions in your body and physical expressions, or your voice or in your relating to others, this course is for you.

Angela Halvorsen Bogo, clown and storyteller, bridges the place where opening to presence meets artistic expression. She has been leading and refining workshops, retreats and projects in creativity and consciousness for 25 years. The Unconditioned Self builds on many years exploration of the fool archetype, of her own journey with audiences and groups, of authentic relating and presence practices, spiritual practice, mutual awakening and meditation.


Please be in touch with any questions about the retreat. www.thefoolstory.com

Nyhaug Mountain Farm, Atrå, Telemark. Nyhaug’s beautiful, quiet nature supports this opening to the Unconditioned Self. You can walk in the forest,  rest in the meadows and even swim nearby. All meals are organic and vegetarian, some of which is grown at the farm, and prepared lovingly by the owner, Ivanir Hasson Olsen, who has lived at Nyhaug for 30 years.

Breakfast outside

Tuition 3500 kr. Deposit 1000, -kr  by June 10 + balance by July 1st.
or 3000,-kr EARLY BIRD, total by May 31st.

Accommodation is simple, in small cabins around the farm with outside bathrooms.
Sharing a double room 2700, -kr. Single room 3300, – kr. Hire of bedding and duvet 100 kr. extra.


To Book
1)Send an email to angela.bogo@gmail.com, stating accommodation preference
2)Make payment to Angela Halvorsen Bogo 1204.20.43506 within Norway.
3)To make a payment from outside Norway please use:
Account number 1204.20.43506,
IBAN: NO97 1204 2043 506

Comments from recent courses:

‘My life is on a new course. I loved every minute of it.’

‘The unconditioned self is free to become anything! We were led to really explore the risk of being foolishly in the moment, exposed. A fantastic way to explore and definitely evolutionary I’d say.’

‘The joy of simply being literally bubbled up inside me like a gurgling stream. I felt I could be childlike and free to explore without being judged, criticized or compared to others. The spontaneity and freedom spread to my family later.’

‘The workshop was a revelation – encouraging curiosity, positivity and compassion. I haven’t laughed so fully for such a long time. And it gave me a deep sense of  peace. We are capable of giving so much joy to ourselves and others.’

‘I have spent 10 years learning the theory of presence, bodywork, silence and healing and in these few days I have experienced all this together for REAL!’ 

Studio and garden

‘The course was a delight. I loved it. I learned to slow down and not take things too seriously.  Despite my clown skills I have much to learn, I trust you will continue to inspire me in my heartfelt endeavour to be simply a clown offering compassion to the sick.’

‘I felt a deep calm many times over the weekend. After the course I feel a deeper, stronger and wider understanding and love for life, thank you.’


For those of you who come by plane, take the train to Oslo Gardermoen/Ryyge or Torp. You can take a train to Kongsberg,  www.nsb.no for train times.

At Kongsberg you can connect with the bus to Atrå. Here is the timetable.http://www.nor-way.no/getfile.php/Filer/PDF-Rutetabeller/185.pdf

If you need more information, please be in touch.




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