This weekend is a chance to taste the work and see if it is something for you. the Project will begin in early 2016. For more details about dates/times/costs or to ask any questions, please email: angela.bogo@gmail.com

This journey combines 3 workshops with support and challenge over 4 months. You can use it to work on something specific, launch a project or begin a new phase of life. The workshops use play, clowning, movement, voice work, creative writing, relaxation and meditation. Between workshops, exercises are offered, some targeted for you, some for the group. Every week online meditation is also offered support so both the inner and outer lives have the chance to open up. Open up so that you experience more dimensions of life, more connection, more peace, more awareness of your body, emotions, others, more creativity, more freedom, more trust.

What can happen? A calm, laughing, forgiving relationship with yourself can flower, you can access more depth, joy and wisdom. Innocence and freedom from fear grow as you become more present to the self you want to be beyond past restrictions. In relationships you become more understanding and compassionate. In groups, you will read the whole picture better and serve the unfolding moment more generously in every situation.

You will be able to create from your own uniqueness. You will become daring, strong and more skilled at going beyond what you think you can do or be. Life will surprise you as your trust in it grows.

You need no previous experience. In the fool, we begin every moment.
The group is limited to 16.

Angela Halvorsen Bogo began to explore improvised theatre nearly 40 years ago. She then trained in movement, voice and clowning at Fooltime Circus School and later with the master french clown, Philippe Gaulier and with English fool, Jonathan Kaye.

In 1991 she met Duncan Williamson a master storyteller and ballad singer of the Scottish Travelling People. Over many years under his influence and as a part of the revival of storytelling in Scotland she developed a style of work blending the best aspects of tradtional storytelling with the close contact and warmth of the clown.

As storyteller, clown or teacher she created educational, artistic, healing and reconciliation projects in 19 countries. She pioneered storytelling in schools, storytelling for parents and teachers of pre-school children and developed interfaith and intercultural storytelling projects in Scotland. She was Creative Director of The Telling Place for 6 years, running storytelling festivals and training programmes in the UK, USA, Russia and Australia.

Since 1992 she has taught workshops with clown as a central teaching method.  Since 2000 these workshops combined inner development with play and clowning.  In 2010 the workshops developed into longer educational courses spanning several months.

Living now in Norway, she works as a clown and trainer with KlokkeKlovene a group specialised in contacting people with Alzheimers through improvised clowning and with Cirkus Sybylla performing for children in assylum camps.

What people said about Path of the Fool 2014:

‘This work is priceless, a chance to re-connect with the inner child, the playful innocence and boundless creativity that we are all born with.’

‘I was ready for and wanted a taste of adventure. You are exceptional at reading the mood and knowing what each participant needs at any given moment. You made it easy for me to be, gently challenging and at other times pushing to leap off the edge. I welcomed both.

‘I had a lot of insights and ‘eureka’ moments, about the process of creativity, of being in and enjoying the moment, and of not always obsessing about how to move things on – and indeed whether they would move on at all.’

‘There was also a lot about pleasure, and joy. There has been much less of this in my life than there might have been. I have never liked games, but now I see that I have never understood them, and now I can’t wait to explore further this new ability to experience and enjoy being playful.’

‘I could feel the voice in my head asking me what the hell I was doing and this constant battle between becoming visible and wanting to hide. I recently heard about vulnerability being the birth place of true creativity; each time I was completely exposed I found a nugget of myself that I valued but had lost. ‘

‘The open ness of the group to receive my craziness helped to develop me. The gift the workshop gave me was to show me my truth – that I am a very playful individual and I am plugging back into that…in everyday life I skipped and laughed and hummed when I felt like it regardless of who was around’

‘An edge was receiving praise. This became easier to hear and receive as the project unfolded. There was a chasm between how I viewed myself and how the world perceived me and by the end of the project the two had finally married up after a hefty and somewhat turbulent separation.’

‘I re found my voice and my love of dancing.  The last singing session was the most profound. I really went for it and it was so liberating; to give myself permission to live in the moment and express my voice.’

‘This work takes you out of the ordinary and allows you to view the mundane with fresh eyes and attitude. You begin to see the little things in life as giant gifts, it’s like peeling an orange for the first time and realising that underneath the thick surface is where the juice really is!!! We have gifts which are unbeknown to us at times and it takes the sweet realisation that the main composer of your music is you and that there are other fools willing to dance with you to your music. The fool within aches to be released and it is only in times of foolery that you begin to realise what you have been missing.’

‘If you want to tap into youth, into a side that you can no longer access this is the path to it. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard with tears streaming down my face in a very long time, nor have a danced so freely as though no one was watching nor have I sung so boldly as though no one was listening.’

‘To live and be in the present is a simple task but one that doesn’t come so easily, at first. But like everything the more you occupy the space it moves from thought, to action, to behaviour to a habit. The fool pops up everywhere. It’s having the eyes to see it and join in!’

‘I enjoyed every minute. Your style was very gentle and accessible, and you offered in yourself an example of being open, letting us in, and leading from behind. I loved what you said about letting people SEE you.’

‘The group was just the right size – and seemed to gel very quickly – a lot of trust was established even on the first day of the Project. I found the group incredibly supportive, there was a sense of doing something together, as well as having our individual projects. I really enjoyed the small groups between the workshops…incredibly useful for keeping things going, for mutual encouragement…for building trust.’

‘The style of ‘teaching’ was like an invitation to challenge oneself, to show oneself to others, to have fun, to enjoy the process. I felt that, although Angela was holding the group and facilitating the Project, she was also part of the group; it didn’t feel like being taught in a traditional, top-down way. She was generous in sharing her experience, knowledge, skills, and sense of fun and enjoyment.
It was a privilege to be involved in the Project over a number of months, and the length of the Project offered a fantastic opportunity for growth and exploration, supported by the group.’

‘The Project has definitely had a lasting and positive effect on my life; I am still experiencing and noticing changes which occurred during the process. Key for me was remembering to have fun, to enjoy myself, and to welcome new situations. I rediscovered a sense of playfulness and enjoyment of performance / improvisation.’

‘I think I had become very anxious about ‘getting things right’ and not making mistakes and being ‘foolish’. Now I think it’s a really positive thing to be ‘Foolish’, to embody and relish the spirit of the Fool, and to be able to laugh at oneself, and also to value one’s uniqueness. This has had an impact at work, particularly on the public events I deliver. Just after the last weekend workshop… I volunteered to introduce a public talk for an audience of 100; I would never have done that without the experience of the Fool Project, but I really enjoyed it and felt good about myself for volunteering.’

‘Generally, I feel more optimistic, resilient, stronger, and more connected to others, and to myself. I found the red nose work very powerful and valuable, particularly working in pairs and in small groups, and it gave me valuable experience of completely trusting someone else and believing them to be on my side.’

‘I really hope to do more. The Project was an amazing experience for me – great fun, and a real impetus for growth and change.’

‘We were creating an energy together, which could open us up and develop our awareness. But that’s not an simple thing and it was with Angela’s careful and considerate facilitation that tender and emotional moments could be gently guided as well as the wild and momentous ones. ‘

‘I was taken aback by how much was inside me waiting to come out and how much could be explored. I’ve worked with movement, dance, theatre and improvisation before but this was different. It was a deeper and more profound work which was done with a sensitivity to individual and group needs. There was sincerity and genuine affection, enduring friendships were made.’

‘It’s been an awakening and a thrill to discover more about my own edges, limits and extremes. I found myself so ‘in my body and heart’ that it didn’t matter who else was there, I felt free to fully be myself and this grew as each weekend passed culminating in a very profound group experience.’

‘The project helped me to focus on where I was stuck and how to move through that. It highlighted weaknesses and strengths and gave me the courage to break through and make changes and begin to learn and understand who I am on a much more aware level. Such a transforming course. I do hope to be able to develop and continue with this work and explore the Fool much more.’


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