The Awaken Project November 15-17, January 10-12 and March 14-16,2014

November 16-17 2013,  January 10-12 2014, March 14-16 2014.

Institutt for Kreativitet og Bevissthet, Oslo, Norway.


Be a Fool. Be the change you want to see in the world.

These are times of great change.

Perhaps only a Fool is simple enough to play in and be inspired by chaos and uncertainty?

Perhaps only a Fool can trust when it’s not clear how everything or anything will turn out?

Perhaps only a Fool can stay open to switch like the wind to a new moment?

Perhaps it’s the Fool’s wisdom we need now, to be awake?


The Project is for creative people with interest in spirituality and personal development who are interested in an exploration of joy, freedom and healing in the widest sense, through the archetype of the Fool.

Teaching includes  play, clown, theatre, movement, dance and voice improvisation; awareness meditation, mindfullness, silence; self inquiry exercises; storytelling, performance; yoga, breath and body work.

‘I have noticed over many years using these tools, that it is possible to create a supportive, dynamic community in which fabulous creativity and moments of transcendence frequently occur. The group itself becomes the container so each person can stretch, explore, heal, open their heart and live as their awakened creative self.’

 (Angela Halvorsen Bogo)

The Fool Archetype To be a Fool is to be radical, simple and honest. It is to be awake, playful and available, to surrender to serve the unfolding of creation moment to moment. It is to be poet in motion connected with the world and oneself, able to see beauty in the every day.

Clown To discover and work with you own clown is profound and fun. This is not about pretending to be something you are not, it is about being who you are. The clown is a new beginner in every moment, endlessly positive, curious and playful, emotional and open.

Inner connection Weaving through and between the workshops are opportunities to witness one’s own inner journey, integrate disconnected parts of the self and go beyond negative or limiting ideas in order to live more freely.

The Body Observing feeling-sensation in the body to stay rooted in what is actually happening now and listening to the body’s messages.  Developing physical abilities through play, yoga, dance and movement. Building a practice of looking after your own body between workshops with exercise, dance or yoga.

Creativity Learning how to touch sources of creative energy. Releasing the need to be perfect or even good at anything to find out how mistakes or failure become doorways to the unexpected. Moving beyond the known/controlled with curiosity.  Recognizing and working past fear,  worry and self-criticism.  Diving in, firing up passion.  When we are present in this way, we are open to a lot of fun and magic.

Community Being willing to offer your best to the group; moving beyond personal ego; practicing humility whilst working with others in and between workshops; learning to respond in the moment as a group.

Between workshops The vision of this Project is not simply attending workshops but to really use the teaching to catalyse and energise everyday life,  to ‘be the change you want to see in the world’.  Allowing some time each day/week/month during the Project for this process is necessary if you want to  get the most from it.  Exercises to help this to happen are offered all the way through the Project.


The Awaken Project is essentially about:

being the you who is authentic and real

so you meet life with flexibility and curiosity

and stay awake to possibilities now

rather than be blinded by your conditioning

so you are living creatively

and  playfully

with deeper spiritual awareness

and your 

imagination and creativity is in flow

conscious of your own body 

and enjoying it

creating what you deeply want to do

you start new projects

you get courageous

and take leaps

you laugh more

you practice the things that most support you

so you break free of past limitations

and you experience peace

and learn to be friends with the present moment however it appears


Angela Halvorsen Bogo began to explore improvised theatre nearly 40 years ago. She then trained in movement, voice and clowning at Fooltime Circus School and later with Philippe Gaulier and Johnathan Kaye.

In 1991 she met Duncan Williamson a master storyteller and ballad singer of the Scottish Travelling People. Over many years under his influence and as a part of the revival of storytelling in Scotland she developed a style of work blending the best aspects of tradtional storytelling with the close contact and warmth of the clown.

As storyteller, clown or teacher she created educational, artistic, healing and reconciliation projects in 19 countries. She pioneered storytelling in schools, storytelling for parents and teachers of pre-school children and developed interfaith and intercultural storytelling projects in Scotland.

She was Creative Director of The Telling Place for 6 years, running storytelling festivals and training programmes in the UK, USA, Russia and Australia.

Since 1992 she has taught workshops with clown as a central teaching method for performers and non-performers alike. Since 2000 these workshops combined personal development with play and clowning.  In 2010 the workshops developed into longer educational courses spanning 9-10 months.

In Norway, she works as a clown and trainer with KlokkeKlovene a group specialised in contacting people with Alzheimers through improvised clowning.



The project consists of 3 workshops of 3 days.  Between the workshops there will be two main practices to develop the artistic, spiritual and community aspects of the project: sharing experience and individual exercises.

 Prices/Application details will be posted here shortly.


Every course with you is different. The balance this time seemed particularly good… realising that nothing really BAD can happen but something life-changing can. Although there are ‘thresholds’ they are not ‘barriers’. I’m very grateful for your gifts and patience.  This is a very safe place for me.

I was impressed by the strength of the container you created which seemed  able to ‘hold’ whatever emotions came up, however powerful. I felt able to trust you in this from the beginning and it made risk more possible, even delightful. One important thing I am taking away is the need to be grounded in my body, attentive to what is going on in me, if I am going to be softly ‘open’ and appropriately vulnerable ‘out there’. I have realized how I have shut myself off from noticing in all sorts of ways, and of how in trying NOT to be ‘seen’ myself I have withdrawn from seeing and connecting with others and become diminished and impoverished. I feel I have experienced something of the joy that resides deep in my spirit and tasted the playfulness I feared was irredeemably lost. I am finishing the course realizing that I have said no to so many opportunities in my life and thereby denied my self enormous pleasure. I intend to start saying yes!

A brilliantly led course. You encourage people with a lightness of spirit and a groundedness. It is obvious you change lives – open hearts – inspire. I have been on many personal development courses, but this is one of the most enriching and enlivening – as the balance, pace and safety is ever-present.

I felt totally included which was very positive for me. We were all equal. The ending has been so beneficial and tender. We have been learning to let go and to accept and to move forward into our future. Brilliant. The not knowing in exercises was fabulously exciting and FREEING.

Thanks for your lovely and inspiring teaching. I have been amazed by the richness of these days.

It really was a delight. Reflecting back on it, I’m lost for words, I loved it, it taught me to slow down and not to take things too seriously. I am now more conscious of my breathing and see where I can improve…Despite my previous clowning skills I have much to learn, I trust you will continue to inspire me in my heartfelt endeavour to be simply a clown offering compassion to the sick.

Angela is an amazing teacher. She gives people confidence to be themselves, and we all have many selves to be!

After this week I feel 20 years younger and 50 years wiser! I have never experienced anything so invigorating or liberating. 

It is difficult to list the magic moments but the way Angela teaches enables me to be free …  made my cares disappear and put into perspective…  I found I love everyone. 

I found the course FUN, liberating, FUN, no thought, FUN, warm and inclusive, FUN and did I mention FUN?
Your inspiration for truth to the core with simplicity is remarkable.  The spontaneity, wit-full quick thinking/doing intuition to all that goes on around you, make you a very special magical teacher who can hold the space and provide opportunities for all of us,  to work towards achieving our potential.

It is really excellent work for my performance and for my life.

 An extraordinarily glorious course – joy, depth, wonderful balance of healing and fooling.
Being part of a longer process with a group of fellow fools was special  it helped me to know myself better, and to trust other people as never before, to take risks and to feel freer and more fully alive than I had ever felt before. Brilliant, and a huge privilege. Probably one of the best gifts I could have given myself was to say yes to this project.

How can we describe out experiences? Deeper, higher and wider than expected. Deep friendships, being set free, learning to love myself…an amazing year…thanks to all who shared it with me…a huge privilege.

Being foolish has crept out into the rest of my life, my taste in clothes, accepting my feelings as weather which will pass and an ability to connect to comlete strangers in the street..

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