Individuals and organisations everywhere are facing massive change. How can a team navigate and even thrive in such times? I believe a new operating system is needed in which the team increases its capacity to allow every member to dare to be the best version of themselves. A group of separate individuals can become a cohesive and inspired team, when people are safe to let go, trust each other and are willing to include the contribution and energy of every person. I can help your team to develop great rapport, trust and inclusion of all members of a group so that each person is seen and their unique qualities recognised.

The next edge I help a team develop, is the capacity to pay more refined attention to the mesh of ideas, energy and experience within the group at any moment. As a group begins to focus on what is actually emerging between its members in the moment, a flow of breakthroughs are almost magically maximised. This is a learnable, evolutionary skill that moves everything forward, faster.

I help you create an effective, exciting and trusting team environment that is a springboard for creativity, where fear of failure is replaced by rapport and a sincere possibility for higher level collaboration. My skill is to create such cohesion that people find themselves able to be more of themselves, while learning what behaviours, mind sets and attitudes build and un-build the team. This process is supported with communications coaching.

My tool box is built from 30 years practice in a wide range of processes that develop real connection.  I have worked in 25 countries leading transformational retreats, coaching people, performing as an improvisor, a clown, a singer and a storyteller. I have facilitated cultural bridge-building projects, conferences, designed festivals, trained teachers, been a motivational/key note speaker and a theatre director. I create processes and safe spaces in collaboration with groups.  I work with the firm belief and years of proof that new possibilities are always available; that people learn best when it is clear from the outset that we are opening something up together; that as we trust the process the next step emerges between us. Consistent expressions I hear from people are ‘This group is amazing. I feel I know everyone. It’s extraordinary what we have achieved and how quickly we have gelled’  This indicates how people can connect and trust through a creative process.


I have been to many courses with you. For me personally, at first it was like being reborn. Then just working in an office with sometimes quite difficult staff, I could remember the playful element of this work and was able to flip into a different way of being that was revelatory and helped me see them in a new way. Then I did a 9 month and then a 6 month process with you as for many years I wanted to live more in the moment. I now live there quite often and bring this into my current work with Transformational Breath where I have gone to another level in feeling the interconnections of everything. I am also Vice Chair responsible for Communications for the Transformational Breath Foundation – UK. In this role, listening, initiating and keeping it light and loving are all part of the task so an appreciation of the playfulness possible in life is really valuable – and you’ve given me that. In the latest course with you I have understood on a much deeper level what you teach about opening one’s borders and sensing what is actually there. It been amazing to appreciate the wisdom that comes through such a diverse group of people. I am forever grateful. Val Jenner, Director, Homer Creative Communication. Expressive and therapeutic voice coach, trainer and Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator.
Angela has the skills to quickly make a group out of disparate individuals. People feel they know each other well very quickly, are able to work together, go deeper and feel safe to do so. Her courses don’t lend themselves to being described to others, you have to be part of them to realise how beneficial they are. Angela has a huge range of things we can do and picks what the group needs to take it forward. Everything is done in the moment and has an element of surprise and freedom which allows us to see where we get to with no planning. Sylvia Reynolds, Psychotherapist (Retired)
This is my first course with Angela. I wanted to learn about the front I express to the world and play with that inward and outward thing. I learnt how fun it is to express a lot of energy! I learned how interesting other people can be and how close you can get working with others in this way. I’ve enjoyed using my voice and body and especially feeling the space between people. The idea that you can feel situations rather than analyse them in your head has been interesting. Its been quite powerful and I have been learning to let my feelings through. There is a real community of interesting, kind and skilful people here who can support with love and care. Angela is very good at following the energy of the group, seeing where it wants to go and what it wants to to do next. Its been very nice to see her work like this as it really all about the group learning what its energy is. James McCarthy
This work helps me get in touch with myself on a deep level. It is a lot deeper than it at first appears and it continues to work on an unconscious level for days or weeks afterwards. Anyone can come into this work no matter what they have or haven’t done before and experience the dormant true self blossom and develop. Whatever stage we are at we all need a certain level of healing and self preservation or development. I find this always unfolds. The journey commences the moment the course starts and it continues for months to follow. This is about revealing the part of ourselves we hide. It enables us to bring our authentic self to the surface and once you have discovered it you can take this authentic self and live it in daily life. Dr Balbir Nandra, Homeopath & Cognitive Behaviour Consultant
I am a huge fan of Angela’s work. She has had an amazing impact on my life. The first time in my life I had felt seen and validated as a human being was by Angela in a course fifteen years ago . She has a presence, huge warmth and experience that is inspirational. She is able to create a sense of permission and openness that is a non-judgemental, supportive playful atmosphere that is truly therapeutic and transforming. I keep going back to her as at different stages in my life I am facing different challenges. It has helped me live a bigger life and a more authentic one and to become more aware of my value in the world. My confidence in trusting the process to unfold if I stay present and open to possibilities and to relationship is something of immense value that I have gained from her work. I now value my own need and ability to play and to work with exercises and experiences that offer opportunities for open-hearted connection to the present moment. This has brought a sense of wonder into my life and I feel very blessed. I would not currently be engaged in something this marvellous (working with people with dementia) had it not been for Angela’s teaching. My journey towards self-acceptance has been greatly assisted by her input over the years. I thoroughly and totally and wholeheartedly recommend Angela to anybody. Elspeth Harding, Music in the Moment
I have done lots of this work over many years. It’s been life changing and helped me to rediscover a sense of wonder, so I don’t get stuck in my familiar mental ruts that go round and round. It gives me space to notice, to step into a completely different way of being. To free myself. And it is about being rather than doing or thinking. It has affected all kinds of things in my life. I’m not afraid to look stupid or to fail or get it wrong or take risks. The power of being seen, without social or professional masks, just as a human being was life changing. So I can build on that which feels like a much truer base to build on. The way she does this is fun but also so profound, incredibly profound. It’s very hard to describe to anyone who hasn’t been in a process with her in any way that does it justice. From the outside this work looks like one thing but on the inside it is so much bigger and more magical than anything you can imagine. It’s life changing, thats the main thing and I am incredibly grateful. Marie Calvert, Integrative Arts Psychotherapist and Creative Group Facilitator
The workshops were a revelation – putting me in touch with the child within, encouraging me to see with curiosity, positivity and compassion whilst my sides ached with laughter. I haven’t laughed so heartily and fully for such a long time. Not only that – it gave me a deep sense of relaxation and peace within myself. It was an insight into what we are capable of and how much joy we can give to ourselves and others. Dave Sutton, Illustrator
For me the ‘fool archetype’ (as explored in this workshop) is the unconditioned self that is free to become anything. In our workshop we were led to really explore the risk of being foolishly in the moment, exposed. A fantastic way to explore this Edge and definitely evolutionary I would say. Judy Voruz. Wise Caring, Family Addiction Counselling
I have worked with Angela for a very long time now and her work has been really profound for my life actually and I am very grateful. Through it I have been much more able to contact my body and my emotions whilst also having a lot of fun. I have made some really deep friendships with the community, the group of people who work with her. Its very difficult to describe in words what Angela’s workshops are like. They can be funny, hilarious, deeply moving, I can feel tearful. It’s really helped me to find out more about myself and who I am. Thank you. Louise Lacey
Who would have thought playing games would give me permission to take risks and live in the moment? I had lots of fun, something I don’t normally do. Everything is done with lightness, humour and laughter so we can be our uninhibited selves, dropping past baggage and opening to a wider future. When someone said they didn’t know what they were doing, Angela replied ‘Oh good. Do it more and do it bigger!’ I have done several courses and each has a serious side. I never felt that I belonged, feelings from way back in my childhood. This time I did feel part of the group, safe, happy and able to risk more. I feel as if I’ve healed from recent trauma and am able to enjoy freedom and happiness in a new way. I am grandmother to 2 special needs children and this work freed me up to play with them in a very different way. I don’t know what we do, it’s totally unstructured, lasts for a very long time and we all love it. I hope I can attend more courses especially with the intensive coaching. Sylvia Reynolds
Through her firm and gentle approach Angela has helped me become unstuck. She challenges with a smile. Through working with her I have gained confidence and much of it is to do with feeling that Angela has faith in me and my potential. I have begun to honour myself in a way I hadn’t before. Angela’s reminder that we are all unique and have our unique gifts gives me a different perspective on life now I don’t put myself down as much as I used to. Jane Walsh, Homeopath


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