Previous Clients

Awaken the Fool Residential Workshops, Europe, USA, Australia 1998-on going
The Awaken Project, 1 year, England 2012
Community of Fools, 1 year project, England & Scotland 2010
Paschal Clown Residential Course, England 2006-2012
Village Storytelling Centre, Trainer, Scotland 2006-2007
Storytelling Residential Courses, England 1998-2003
The Authentic Teacher, Dundee Education Authority, Scotland 2008
Storytelling in Cathedrals and Churches, England 2005-2008
Storytelling in Reconciliation and Peace, England 2007
Early Years Storytelling, North Lanarkshire, Scotland 2005-2006
Storyteller and Clown, Emerson College, England 2005
Institute of Biblical Translation, Moscow, Russia 2002
The Telling Place Storytelling Project, Creative Director, England 1998-2004
Short Courses in Clown, Song, Traditional Storytelling, Scotland 1989-1997

Klokkeklovene, Clowning for Elderley, Norway 2012
Steiner Schools, Norway 2006 & 2011
World Methodist Church Council, South Korea 2006
Mark’s Gospel, Solo Storytelling, USA 2005
Mark’s Gospel, Ensemble Theatre-Storytelling, England 2004
Storytelling for People with Disabilities, Scotland 2005
Storytelling in Libraries, Scotland 2005
Feautred Storyteller, Barton College, North Carolina, USA 2004 & 2006
‘Love Like Salt’, Fool, Tag Theatre Company, Scotland 2004
Multi-media storytelling for pre-schools 1994-2004
Environmental Storytelling in schools, Scotland 1993-1997
Storytelling for children with disabilities, Scotland 1993-1997
Storytelling in schools with Master Storyteller, Duncan Williamson 1991-1993
Storytelling Clown performances, Scotland 1989-1992
Storytelling in schools, libraries, community, churches , Scotland 1989-97

Nordic Voices Storytelling, Finland 2010
International Storytelling, Iran 2008
Scottish International Storytelling, Scotland 1993-2008
Stories of our Faiths, Glasgow, Scotland 2008
East Renfrewshire Storytelling, Scotland 2004 & 2006
Middle Eastern Spirituality and Peace, Scotland 2004-2007
Aberdeen Storytelling, Scotland 2001-2004
Greenbelt, Storytelling Director, England 1998-2003
Glasgow Mayfest, Scotland 1993

Christmas Storytelling, England, Scotland & Norway 2006-2012
Storytelling; Conferences; Story & Clown Workshops, USA 2003-2006
Traditional Storytelling; Conferences & Clown Workshops, Australia 2005
Storytellers from Jerusalem, Scotland 2004
Folktales Storytelling & Clown Workshops, Norway 1997
Storytelling; Storytelling & Clown Workshops, Zimbabwe 1997
Folktales; Storytelling Workshops, Turkey 1993

Storytelling Faith to Faith, Scotland 2007
Looking for Peace Storytelling, Scotland 2007
Sacred Heart International, Scotland 2006
Network of Biblical Storytellers, Australia 2005
Queensland Teachers, Australia 2005
Network of Biblical Storytelling, USA 2003

Golden Rule Storytelling and Interfaith in Schools 2004-2012
Children’s Art Exhibition Project, Scottish Storytelling Centre 2008
Storytelling in Glasgow Schools 2008
Stories and Cooking for Children in Schools 2004 & 2008
Celtic Saints Storytelling Tours 2002-2007
King of Hearts Children’s Storytelling and Art Project 2007

Netherlee School, 2008
Carberry Festival, 1994 & 2004

Hans Christian Anderson Research 2008
King of Hearts Performance Art Project 2007
Multi-Faith Storytelling Research 2004

Golden Rule Schools Storytelling Teachers’ Resource Pack 2007
Storytelling and Healing Retreats 2005
Performance Project, Young People with Down’s Syndrome, Director 1994-1997
Storytelling Retreats, Iona Abbey 1989-1992

Klokkeklovene, Clowning for Elderley, Norway 2012
Gathering of Fools, Switzerland 2012
Certification in The Work of Byron Katie, Psychology, Europe & USA 2004- 2011
The Artists Way Sabbatical, Art, Holy Fool, USA 2003
Northumbria Community, Contemplative, Monastic Living, England 1998-2004
Duncan Williamson, Apprentice to, Storytelling & Ballads, Scotland 1990-2007
Storyteller and Clown, Emerson College, England 2005
Poetry Residential, Emerson College, England 2003 and 2004
Storytelling in Buisness, Emerson College, England 2002
Roy Hart Theatre, Voice, USA 2003
Tom Greder, Clown, 2000
Johnathan Kay, Fool, England & Scotland 1993-1994
Philippe Gaulier, Clown, England 1992
Ida Kelarova, Voice, Wales & Denmark 1991
John Lee, Clown, England & Scotland 1990
Fooltime Centre for Performing Arts, England 1987-88
Goblins Vegetarian Catering, own business) England 1986-7
Manpower Services Buisness Course, England 1985
Restaurants, Italy 1980-84
Link Student Improvisation Theatre, England 1974-8

Previous Work

Nordic Voices Storytelling Festival, Finland
Iran International Storytelling Festival, Esfahan
Scottish International Storytelling Festival, Edinburgh
TAG Theatre Company, Glasgow
Kaleidoscope Children’s Theatre Festival, Aberdeen
Aberdeen Fringe Festival
Glasgow Mayfest

Emerson College, England
Bergen University, Norway
Aberdeen College, Scotland
Nordstrand & Ålesund Steiner Schools, Norway
St John’s College, England
St Colm’s College, Edinburgh, Scotland
Queensland Catholic Education Board, Australia
Speech and Drama Teachers Association, Zimbabwe
Barton College, North Carolina, USA
Agora, England
Scottish Downs Syndrome Organisation
Education Authorities (Primary, Secondary, Nursery and Special Schools): Aberdeen, Dundee, Fife, Glasgow, Mid-Lothian, Yorkshire, Suffolk

Edinburgh International Festival of Middle Eastern Spirituality and Peace
CAIRS Interfaith,
Scotland Network of Biblical Storytellers, USA and Australia
Iona Community
Renovare, USA
Bible Society, UK
Northumbria Community,UK
Institute of Biblical Translation, Moscow
World Methodist Council, Korea
Taize Community, France
Community of Sacred Heart, Ireland and Scotland
Bristol Diocese
UK Rural Churches Conference, UK
Istanbul Church Conference, Turkey
Churches in Miami, North Carolina, New Hampshire,
Pecos, New Mexico Retreat Centre
Ringsfield Hall, England
Emmaus House, England
Sion Community, England
Northfield Community Church, Australia

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