‘The evening was one of the most meaningful, heartfelt experiences I have had for years. Well worth every second – hungry for more.’

‘Simply deeply touched! Alive by the ritual, beautiful. Thank you’

‘Inspiring…reminding me of the power of small rituals in a group, reminding of our vision, brining back big mind, big heart to presence’

‘I could have listened to you and your stories the whole night – there was a very peaceful and warming evening’

‘It was just great. Memories of my childhood awakened, when my aunt told me fairy tales in winter, beside the warm stove and me sitting at her feet diving into another reality. You have such clear sentences, I understood everything, stepping out of time and feeling settled’ (English as a second language)

‘Thank you for not just a lovely but a very touching evening. I came with no expectations and leave looking forward to the next time’

‘What a uniquely delightful evening! Thanks to you for reconnecting is to our history and the storytelling tradition.’

‘Thank you for opening my creativity and sparking fantasy. I was in your stories from the first breath till the last sound. I want to learn from you.’

‘I had an intense realisation and relief (in one of the stories) Every moment is ours. Thank you for sharing this festival of going towards the light.’

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