Is the unique gift you have to offer fully expressed in the world?  Is there something calling you? Someone you long to be?  When you really listen to this desire you take the first step towards making it happen. Even if the details are not clear and your mind creates nothing but reasons why it cannot be and even if you have sabotaged yourself a thousand times before, it can still happen.

You can be and do what you truly desire. I believe these inner calls are clues to your true freedom, to where you will be most aligned with your heart. These promptings hold blueprints for your greatest happiness and best service in the world.  I want to help you create a life of happiness and service. When you begin to live like this you will access the magic of life, the power that transcends limitations, conditioning and disappointment. You will model what is possible for everyone your life touches.

I have tremendous faith in you.  I bring a lifetime of creative and intuitive work with people who want to change. I have learned to trust my intuition and the energy of others so that I can successfully lead profound week long retreats without knowing what will happen from one moment to the next. You will have my undivided attention and all my intuitive and creative capacities.

I offer coaching to support you in living from your heart. My aim is to bring out your inner wisdom, your creativity, your joy and the confidence to act. Scroll down to read reviews from ‘previous clients’.

A little about me. I chose to have an interesting life and so far it has been a passionate and creative life! I have travelled to 34 countries, working in many, lived in 4. For 30 years I have been a storyteller, singer, clown, transformational retreat leader, director, creative project leader and coach. I love being engaged in a process where your life shifts. I work in a focused way, accessing everything that can be useful to you with presence and attention. I can often intuit underneath and between the words you say. I do not have a ‘one size fits all’ approach to anything I do so I collaborate with you to make a way that helps you most.


FREE 20 MINUTE CONSULTATION We can see if this is a good match. If we both want to continue I’ll suggest the next step. Email me at angela.bogo@gmail.com to schedule.

It felt as though Angela had faith in me and my ability to achieve more and fulfill my potential. It was encouraging, energising and reassuring to have a witness constantly in the background. It was great to feel her total intention and that she has a real grasp of my issues. She has a determination to make you grasp the nettle and make the changes, with the attendant risks. She doesn’t let you off the hook. There is also humour and kindness in the connection, a lightness with a depth to it. She won’t listen to and collude with the victim.  I appreciate her underlying wisdom. I resist the slickness of some coaches- and I love Angela’s cuddliness and humanity. Since the coaching I have felt an inner confidence in what I can do and who I am.  Angela’s encouragement has lasted, resulting in a more detailed intention about what I will do.  (JW)

It was as if she listened both to what I said and what I expressed unconsciously, between the lines. I like that she always offers more than one possible way of working with what I struggle with. I feel much more relaxed and at peace with myself and my intention. It is like being welcomed to an open space where what you bring/ your questions are being met in a supportive way. I came with a very specific question, how to deal with something from the past that was blocking me and I felt she responded to the question in a helpful way. It definitely changed my attitude. I feel more relaxed and have noticed that I have started to access my spontaneous creativity more and more. Just starting to do things without preplanning it. She is listening very focused and able to give several suggestions as a response to the questions being asked. I liked that she gave me both a serious and a playful approach to work with my theme.  (A.B)

It helped me to be more relaxed in things I wish for but don’t know how to achieve. I would recommend it, because her coaching is both tender and clear. It was a very encouraging, accepting and joyful experience for me. It started a process of getting a clearer idea of what I really want and realising that it was not what I had thought it was.  I like that she gives examples from her own life and that she is present as a real person and not (only) as a professional. I have the feeling that she is the same level and not patronising.  I’m thankful. (FK)

Angela’s questions during coaching sessions gave me opportunity to think again and to revise previous thoughts and opinions about myself. She is a good listener. In my opinion she manages to pick up important words and often indirect meanings in the dialogue thus supporting a process of constructive change. (DAB)

My experience was a very reaffirming one. I could voice my vulnerabilities without using too many defensive strategies. It has made me more aware of the things I need to change but, as yet, I lack the courage to change. Habits are quite comforting. I would describe her as a good coach. She is honest,  direct and compassionate. (MM)

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