This summer retreat is a deep experience of life in the present, in  nature.

The ‘fool’ is an archetype, that we explore in the retreat that invites you to live on the edge of not knowing, of trust developing deeper awareness of your body, heart and emotions. We play with the idea of the ‘fool’, in a flow of body work, improvisation, clowning, voice work and meditation.

The results are often

*you begin to relate to others and nature with heightened curiosity, authenticity and delight

*your senses become more awake and receptive

*you enjoy ‘not knowing’ what happens

*you discover life afresh and are open to insight

*you unwind, relax, take your time in nature

*you rediscover innocence

*you connect to yourself

Angela Halvorsen Bogo is a professional storyteller, clown, director and trainer. Forty years ago, she began training in improvised, physical theatre and continued with several years of clowning, circus, dance and singing. She was apprenticed to a Master Storyteller of the indigenous Scottish Travelling People for many years and was based in Scotland for the first twenty years of her professional work. For three decades Angela has been learning from the ‘fool’ archetype, leading residential courses and retreats that assist people in becoming authentic, surrendered and connected. Wherever possible she works in connection with nature and is in an ever deepening process of appreciation and awe at what nature reveals when we open to meet it. Since 2012 she has also specialised in the delicate work of clowning for dementia patients. She trains other clowns in this work and brings its core to principles to health personnel working in dementia care. She currently lives beside the Oslofjord in Norway and has, so far, taken her work to 24 other countries.

Angela’s leadership style. She brings over 25 year’s experience of leading workshops and retreats drawing on appropriate exercises and processes or creating new ones. She follows the energy of the group, listening to what is emerging moment by moment in relationship and trusts that together we have the intelligence, presence, love and power to guide the process perfectly.

These are the main overlapping and interweaving elements of the retreat 

Fool – now, simple, playful, heart, present, vulnerable, expressing, including, connecting, natural, curious, real.

Play – capacity for pleasure, joy, not knowing, innocence, risk, diversity, wonder

Clowning – embodied, noticing, acceptance, heart, simple, unique, vulnerability, new, pleasure, essence.

Presence – unfolding, curiosity, including, movement, silence, sensitivity, awareness, noticing the group field.

Voice – grounding, pleasure, discovery, meditation, exploring edges, feeling, integration.

Nature – pristine wild forest, opening the senses, receiving, listening, appreciation, vision quest, water, air, animals, people, birds, insects, sun, wind, deepening, innocence, respect, alone time, energy, rest.

Meditation – allowing everything to be as it is, doing nothing, being the space, silence, sometimes guided, movement meditation, walking meditation, co meditation.

Authentic Relating – curiosity, sensation, opening, grounding, appreciation, self-care, being met, seeing others.

Each day will include a morning and afternoon session. There will be a break in the middle of the day to walk, swim (there is an indoor pool) and relax. There will be opportunity for private sessions in the afternoon. More details of these coming soon. check back here). Some days this will be a silent break to deepen the work and give you more time to integrate your experience. Evenings hold possibilities for meditation, storytelling, fire, ceremony and sweat lodge and these will form or not as we go. The last evening will be a celebration/party.

To book this retreat for your venue or group email angela.bogo@gmail.com

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