bird in skyIt is trully liberating to live from a place inside where we are trusting and connected. This ability to return again and again, to be awake to each moment can be cultivated by anyone. When we come from this place or we are met by someone coming from this space we feel seen.  We connect with our heart, body and surroundings. We communicate authentically and easily. We are in touch with a limitless source of creativity. We are effortelssly compassionate and friendly. We can feel our emotions without being overwhelmed or disabled by them. We experience more beauty and happiness in our work and relationships.

This 2 month process that wakes you up ever more deeply to the infinite source of creativity and energy within. The sessions are created in flow and with you.

  • group led meditation and relaxation
  • identifying and loosening limiting beleifs
  • becoming more sensitive to the bodies messages
  • identifying and working with risk, new projects,
  • preparation for challenging events/interviews/meetings
  • developing your own supportive practices (meditatio, exercise or whatever)
  • reguar check ins with the group
  • 2 individual coaching sessions
  • technical requirement: computer with camera, Zoom installed.

Your commitment to the group

  • write about where you are at now and your aims for the process
  • attend every group call
  • check in with the others at least once a week
  • comit to your own process
  • attend private and group calls

My commitment to you-

  • 100% attention during group sessions
  • offer exercises to help you reach your aims
  • help you prepare for workshops/courses/events
  • 2 private coaching sessions

Group sessions will be in evening (UK/Europe), morning/midday (USA)and coaching calls day or evening.

Cost:£200 or 2000 NOK

Booking a place: Please email angela@thefoolstory.com to register, receive payment details. Dates to be confirmed October 9th

Angela Halvorsen Bogo has led transformative courses for 30 years.

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