Feedback (from participants of the Path of the Fool Retreat). The group experienced Angela as: bright, light, harmony, clarity, resonant, brave, stabilizing, focussed, giving, sparkling, deep, fun, innocent, non-judgmental, available to the moment, playful, energetically deep, a master, exuding authenticity and aliveness, eyes speaking volumes of wisdom, vibrant, demanding, adorable, joyful, loving, present,  beautiful smile, sharing energy without beating around the bush, insightful, talented, mischeivious, gifted, creative, clear, open, dancer,

A great range of knowledge and emotion skilfully and sensitively held and managed.


Enormous laughter, challenge and learning. Fun, friendship and a chance to flush out or cope better with various anxieties.


What was good? The release of 'childish' impulses, the comfort and validation of others, the warmth of friends casually met, the peace.


Everything was good about the course. Exceptional facilitation, balance, sensitivity, learning, entertainment. It was more profound than I realised, touched some sensitive parts but handled utterly professionally.


For me the fool is the unconditioned self that is free to become anything. In our workshop we were led to really explore the risk of being foolishly in the moment, exposed. A fantastic way to explore this Edge and definitely evolutionary I would say.

THE FOOL has permeated my life. Where I was terrified now I’m OK. It’s given me a new openness to life and I know whatever happens there’ll always be possibilities for love and fun.


I love the way Angela helps us to be real, vulnerable and above all to be ourselves. She has such an amazing gift. I feel HUGELY privileged to be part of this.


It was an amazing experience. Cocooned in a warm, supportive community it was exciting, enervating, calming and such good fun to be led so gradually into becoming innocent fools. I recommend it anyone prepared to just see what can happen when you let it.


It reminded me of the joy of simply being. At times I felt the joy literally bubble up inside me like a gurgling stream. I felt I returned to a time where I could be childlike and free to explore without being judged, criticised or compared to others. The spontaneity and freedom spread to my boys at home.


I love the fool workshops – I find them really creative and calm and kind. They’re varied and one of the few workshops where there always seems to be enough time! A very safe space but with challenges too – ideal combination. And fun, of course! Fantastic!


The workshops were a revelation – putting me in touch with the child within, encouraging me to see with curiosity, positivity and compassion whilst my sides ached with laughter. I haven’t laughed so heartily and fully for such a long time. Not only that – it gave me a deep sense of relaxation and peace within myself. It was an insight into what we are capable of and how much joy we can give to ourselves and others.


I love the way Angela helps us to be real, vulnerable and above all to be ourselves. She has such an amazing gift. I feel HUGELY privileged to be part of this. ‘Thank you’ seems very inadequate.

It felt such a safe space, a huge privilege and JOY to be here.

This teaching goes way beyond clowning.

I have spent 10 years learning the theory (Budhist counsellor/bodyworker, retreats, Quaker worship and business, reading Eckhart Tolle ) and in these few days I have experienced all this for REAL!

My life is on a new course. I loved every minute of it.


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