April 27-29th 2018, Mirabellenhof, Biesenthal, Germany.

A person who is totally grounded in themselves and the present moment is a magnetic, attractive force, easy to be with and listen to. The workshop trains this skill and is useful for anyone, including teachers, therapists and managers who desire better professional and personal relationships.

Embodied Authentic Communication makes your current unhelpful communication patterns visible and provides concrete steps to improve them. Also, by relating with more of your personality, physicality, feelings and intuition than usual, you will experiment with and integrate a version of yourself who is present, honest and connected.

Being your true, powerful, creative self in all aspects of your life is a practice. This weekend will give you a supportive space and group to look at this in your body and in relationship with others. Afterwards you will know how to carry the change into your work and personal life.

In this workshop you will:

  • practice being present in demanding situations
  • practice ‘learning faster with play’
  • practice sensing with the body: situations, individuals and groups
  • identify specifically your unhelpful relating habits
  • listen deeply to your own body and intuiting system
  • improve how you relate with concrete steps
  • understand your body as a tool to interpret ideas, surroundings and people
  • listen to instead of overriding your intuition
  • spend time outside in nature


1600  Arrivals
1800  Dinner
1930  Introduction to Embodied Authentic Communication

0730  Yoga (optional)
0800  Breakfast
0915  Workshop
1100  Coffee/Tea
1130  Workshop
1300  Lunch
1400  Break/Rest/Walk
1530  Workshop
1800  Dinner
1930  Workshop

0730  Yoga (optional)
0800  Breakfast
0915  Workshop
1100  Coffee/Tea
1130  Workshop
1300  Lunch
1400  Workshop
1600  Coffee/Tea/Departures

Angela Halvorsen Bogo

Angela Halvorsen Bogo leads groups with practices gained from 30 years as a course facilitator, consultant and performer. Bringing what is most useful at every point in the weekend, she co-creates a unique process with the group. Angela uses body based techniques from theatre, clowning and mindfulness that include improvisation, movement, meditation, play and writing.

Learn more about Angela: thefoolstory.com

Listen to Angela talk about the power of being authentic and present:

Katrin Paul, owner of Mirabellenhof


Katrin Paul and Angela Halvorsen Bogo are developing workshops unique in Germany at Mirabellenhof. Katrin works as a family therapist and supervisor for nursery, primary and secondary schools.

The ability to be present and authentic is the key to satisfying relationships with children, parents, colleagues or clients.

Mirabellenhof provides Embodied Authentic Communication, because mainstream vocational education is missing it.

Feedback of Participants

  • “It gave me an in the body experience of how to live more fully in presence.” Mary Beth Gwynn
  • “Everything was good about the course. Exceptional facilitation, balance, sensitivity, learning, entertainment.”  Jennifer Kavanagh
  • “Participants are guided into a direct experience of their natural spontaneity and creativity.” Judy Voruz
  • “The workshop was a revelation – putting me in touch with the child within, encouraging me to see with curiosity, positivity and compassion… Not only that – it gave me a deep sense of relaxation and peace within myself.” Dave Sutton

Mirabellenhof is 35 km north of Berlin, Germany.

It is easy to reach by train from either of Berlin’s airports (allow 90 minutes) and from the centre of Berlin (allow 45 minutes).

We can pick you up from train station “Biesenthal Bahnhof In neuem Fenster öffnen


Early Bird €220,00 before March 11th 2018

€149,00 vegetarian catering and accomodation in twin bedrooms

To register for 


Katrin Paul
Mobile: 0172/27 77 262 (+49 172/27 77 262)

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