What would it be like to speak, sing and sound authentically?

By accessing the ‘natural state’ of the fool: openness, generosity, curiosity and playfulness we build a strong, safe group in which to express vocally our truth. Using meditation, dance, play, breathe, bodywork and improvisation, we find the edge where sorrow and joy can meet. We can show up to our own emotions, give them a voice and maybe hear from them in a new way.

Course leaders

Angela Halvorsen Bogo has led transformational courses using performing arts including the voice, for 30 years. She has had a special interest in the way emotion can be expressed for healing through the voice as a singer, storyteller and clown.

Val Jenner worked in theatre and drama colleges, is a voice coach, a Transformational Breathe facilitator and a Quaker.

This 4 day course was first led at Woodbrooke Training Centre, Birmingham, UK, 2015.

Please inquire if you would like to book more information on how to book this retreat for your group. 






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