Embodied Authentic Communication, new ways to be, relate and work

April 27-29th 2018, Mirabellenhof, Biesenthal, Germany. A person who is totally grounded in themselves and the present moment is a magnetic, attractive force, easy to be with and listen to. The workshop trains this skill and is useful for anyone, including teachers, therapists and managers who desire better professional and personal relationships. Embodied Authentic Communication […]

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Brilliant Teams

Individuals and organisations everywhere are facing massive change. How can a team navigate and even thrive in such times? I believe a new operating system is needed in which the team increases its capacity to allow every member to dare to be the best version of themselves. A group of separate individuals can become a cohesive and […]

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Why is play essential to our evolution?

I have been fortunate. I kept playing as a teenager through improvised theatre spending hundreds or thousands of hours exloring this instread of going down the prescribed and for me totally uninteresting and mainstream route of acadmeic study. From 14-18 years old, I was learning how to express emotion, sense subtle changes in atmosphere and take […]

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