Embodied Authentic Flow THE FOOL, August 8-11, 2018

Embodied Authentic Flow, August 8-11, 2018, Biesenthal, nr Berlin    As the world escalates in speed and uncertainty, there is a great need for more of us to learn how to navigate in the unknown with sensitivity and to show our families, teams and groups how to do the same. And if we can also recognise and […]

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The Hero/Heroine’s Journey, June 4-8, 2018

  For you who are curious to adventure inside stories and yourself to find courage and wisdom to live an audacious, brave and wild life. As the hero is called from comfort to a risky journey and as the heroine must be courageous in order to be transformed, so must we. Each journey, each courageous […]

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Embodied Authentic Communication, new ways to be, relate and work

April 27-29th 2018, Mirabellenhof, Biesenthal, Germany. A person who is totally grounded in themselves and the present moment is a magnetic, attractive force, easy to be with and listen to. The workshop trains this skill and is useful for anyone, including teachers, therapists and managers who desire better professional and personal relationships. Embodied Authentic Communication […]

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A Gathering of Fools Retreat, Birmingham, UK. October 16-20 2017

The fool, wide awake and simple, lives in the vivid here and now. Yet a large part of us does not live like this and therein lies the challenge! Join others who love the intense spiritual, embodied practice of radical trust and risk taking aka a ‘fool workshop’. It will liberate and make you uncomfortable, […]

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Why is play essential to our evolution?

I have been fortunate. I kept playing as a teenager through improvised theatre spending hundreds or thousands of hours exloring this instread of going down the prescribed and for me totally uninteresting and mainstream route of acadmeic study. From 14-18 years old, I was learning how to express emotion, sense subtle changes in atmosphere and take […]

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