Play as teacher in Healthcare Workshop, March 18-19, 2017

‘You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than a year of conversation’ (Plato). In emphasizing ‘being an expert’, the one ‘who knows’ we can lose some magnificent human abilities that are important in care that are easier to access when we are not ‘being the expert’: to communicate from the heart, […]

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A Gathering of Fools Retreat, Birmingham, UK. October 16-20 2017

The fool, wide awake and simple, lives in the vivid here and now. Yet a large part of us does not live like this and therein lies the challenge! Join others who love the intense spiritual, embodied practice of radical trust and risk taking aka a ‘fool workshop’. It will liberate and make you uncomfortable, […]

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Why is play essential to our evolution?

I have been fortunate. I kept playing as a teenager through improvised theatre spending hundreds or thousands of hours exloring this instread of going down the prescribed and for me totally uninteresting and mainstream route of acadmeic study. From 14-18 years old, I was learning how to express emotion, sense subtle changes in atmosphere and take […]

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Path of the Fool Weekend, October 23-25th, Marshall, nr Asheville, NC.

With Angela Halvorsen Bogo, (UK/Norway) CLICK HERE FOR COURSE DESCRIPTION!!!! poster_aug15_US_NC This is about being who you are at the core. Registering & Inquiries: Please contact Sharon Bowlin: (828) 280 3571 swallowdancer@gmail.com Workshop Fee: Includes Accommodation and ALL meals. EARLY BIRD $355 until October 4th.  Thereafter $395 Semi-private room (limited availability) EARLY BIRD $400 until until October 4th. Thereafter $420 Commute EARLY […]

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Dancing on the Edge – Voice and the Fool

What would it be like to speak, sing and sound authentically? By accessing the ‘natural state’ of the fool: openness, generosity, curiosity and playfulness we build a strong, safe group in which to express vocally our truth. Using meditation, dance, play, breathe, bodywork and improvisation, we find the edge where sorrow and joy can meet. We can […]

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The Unconditioned Self Summer Retreat

Re-learn the Art, Pleasure and Liberation of Play! July 6-12, 2015    Nyhaug, Atrå, Telemark, Norway. Is there a more exhuberant, passionate, playful you that yearns for more freedom of expression? With all life’s habitual, stressfull adult roles and responsibilites, how can you let go and lose your sense of restriction? There is a playful way, which is profound and fun,  where you […]

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