2015 Gathering of Fools, Edinburgh

4 Days of Fabulous Foolishness Fri 22nd – Monday 25th May 2015 10am – 5.30pm. Welcome to the 2nd Gathering of Fools! Last year we had a wonderful few days in the south of England in early spring. This time we will be in Scotland in early summer. Together we will cultivate a field of […]

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Naturen har en Stemme som aldri slutter å hviske

1. – 3. mai, 2015 Nyhaug i Tinn i Telemark FORTELLING I NATUREN Kursholdere Angela Halvorsen Bogo og Ivanir Hasson Olsen I denne workshopen vil vi forske på hvordan vi kan komme i kontakt med naturen gjennom fortelling. I eventyrene som ofte utspiller seg i naturen, møter vi vesener dyr og planter som kommuniserer og […]

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The Path of the Fool Project, Edinburgh, Scotland.

This weekend is a chance to taste the work and see if it is something for you. the Project will begin in early 2016. For more details about dates/times/costs or to ask any questions, please email: angela.bogo@gmail.com This journey combines 3 workshops with support and challenge over 4 months. You can use it to work […]

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The Awaken Project, 2013 – 2014

The Awaken Project November 15-17, January 10-12 and March 14-16,2014 November 16-17 2013,  January 10-12 2014, March 14-16 2014. Institutt for Kreativitet og Bevissthet, Oslo, Norway.   Be a Fool. Be the change you want to see in the world.

 These are times of great change. Perhaps only a Fool is simple enough to play […]

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Experiences of a Fool Workshop

JOY FOOL reflections on a Fool Workshop by Torbjörn Söderquist The red clown’s nose shines with the delight of the fool during five days at Woodbrooke. We see each other and our surroundings with spontaneity and explorative curiosity as if we were here for the first time. The people we are with are the best, […]

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Space To Change, Online Course, October – December 2016

It is trully liberating to live from a place inside where we are trusting and connected. This ability to return again and again, to be awake to each moment can be cultivated by anyone. When we come from this place or we are met by someone coming from this space we feel seen.  We connect with our […]

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