STORIES IN THE WILD International Storytelling Symposium, Norway July 24-29

Share stories, make new ones, listen to the wild voice of nature that never stops whispering. A Revolution of Belonging symposium workshop. Develop your natural human storytelling ability,  meet others and yourself in relationship with the magnificent landscape of Hardangerfjord. Becoming more sensitive to our surroundings, listening in a deeper way and taking time together to […]

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“Come to the orchard in Spring. There is light and wine, and sweethearts in the pomegranate flowers. If you do not come, these do not matter. If you do come, these do not matter.” ― Rumi This is the third storytelling celebration in story and song at Søndre Gjettum connected to the turning of the […]

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Stories from the Heart

Everyone is invited to share in this evening of Stories from the Heart collected from Angela’s travels to 20 countries worldwide. She studied storytelling in Scotland and now lives in Oslo, Norway. Angela Halvorsen Bogo  began to explore improvised theatre years ago. She trained in movement, voice and clowning at Fooltime Circus School, UK and […]

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An English Christmas, 2016

An English Christmas, House Concerts, November – December  2016.  I tell and sing during Advent in your house for your friends and family. A perfect evening of stories that kindle light and warmth. This collection of stories and songs warms the heart with the spirit of Christmas. If you would like to come to one of these […]

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Storytelling in Reconciliation and Peace Workshop

When we listen with open hearts to one another and tell stories to lift up the spirit, storytelling is peace and reconciliation in action.’ A storyteller can serve as a bridge between story adn listener, between individals and between different groups. How does storytelling create community or help resolve conflict? Where do we find stories […]

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An interview on storytelling

On storytelling Angela Halvorsen Bogo (Angela Knowles before married) What sort of connection do you have to live storytelling? I have had a lifes journey with storytelling since 1989. deepening connection with stories. My initial training in physical theatre and clowning meant I began with a very physical approach. Then, living in Scotland for 20 […]

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