Awaiting the start of Flow Group. I first came across transformational comedian Kyle Cease in 2015. Since then I have been continuously inspired. He isn’t perfect. He makes mistakes. And yet his heart shines and his trust in the unfolding moment and its wisdom and creativity so closely matches my own philispohy that I wanted to see how he actually works.

So in April I was part of a 2 day, hillarious and powerful weekend with 1400 others. Even how I got to be there is a fairytale involving an out of the blue magical gift. Thank you. You know who you are. I was trully inspired by how Kyle worked with people and wanted to learn more. But how?

I heard he runs a weekend coaching process once a month for 4 people. More than 150 people applied for 24 spots this year by making and sending in a video. I decided to try. And I got a place! I got a place!

Since then I have been working on my first Crowd Funding Campaign. Its been a humbing, deeply moving and challenging process. To ask for support and then to receive the support from all kinds of people, both family, friends and in some cases people who have never met me.

I am doing this because as I see the intense pain and suffering of systems collapsing, of craziness beyond imagining actually happening more and more in he world,  I ask myself: what can I do? And the answer I get is to go more deeply into my inner process to clear as much debris out of the way as I can so I can be and serve humanity in the very best way possible for the rest of my days.

I am following my gut in this venture because I believe there is something crucial here I need to learn or unlearn or shift in order for what I have mastered to be even better, have more impact for good in the  world. I want to support visionaries, change makers and young people who will be taking humanity through the challenging years ahead. To pass on what I have spent my life learning in communication, deep listening, teaching, perfromance.

I will not allow overwhelm, shock and disbelief to rob me of my calling. Rather to let it catalyse action to fight for goodness, truth and beauty.

Here is the campaign link. If you can share it with a few words about me and what I do, it helps. If you donate even a little, you are part of the evolution of my work moving out to have more impact so thank you. And you’ll get the updates as the journey unfolds too.



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