The Connection Project – November 17 – 18th, 2017

The Connection Project – present in yourself, freedom with others, in flow with life Weekend Workshop with Angela Halvorsen Bogo November 17 – 19th. Are you ready to live in more alignment with your heart? The Connection Project trains your competence to know and cherish your unique self in all your experiences. When you connect to […]

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Testimonials – Storytelling

Storytelling house concerts, UK 2017 ‘Very engaging. A pleasure to hear lovely stories from someone in person rather than on TV!’ ‘A lovely, cosy evening listening to stories. It reminded me of my childhood when my mum and dad read me bedtime stories.’ ‘A warm, relaxing, charming evening of stories sympathetically told.’ ‘Wonderful, relaxing and […]

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Luminosity – the incredible lightness of being.

Iceland Summer Solstice, June 19-24 Come celebrate in Northern Iceland the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice, and experience the phenomenon of The Midnight Sun in which you will be bathed in nearly 24 hours of daylight, stories, songs and answers. As we journey through the light of our external world, we will […]

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Authentic Play

BECOMING REAL, VULNERABLE AND TRUSTING When we play, we are in the body and in the heart. There is an aliveness, unfolding through us, as us which has no limits. We are not in our thinking habits when we play – we are embodied. Here is a way into the flow state where we have […]

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Fool in the Wild, Summer Retreat

This summer retreat is a deep experience of life in the present, in  nature. The ‘fool’ is an archetype, that we explore in the retreat that invites you to live on the edge of not knowing, of trust developing deeper awareness of your body, heart and emotions. We play with the idea of the ‘fool’, in […]

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Angela Halvorsen Bogo – The Artist’s Story

As a teenager in the 1970’s I fell in love with and became immersed in improvised theatre. For four years it was all I was really interested in. I was secretary of a youth theatre organisation in the city where I grew up in West Yorkshire and dreamed of theatre and films. For a number of reasons there […]

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