Angela Halvorsen Bogo led a transformational Authentic Play workshop as part of the 2nd Integral European Conference. 

‘Hello to all who attended the workshop. It was a real joy to meet you and witness how you met each other, with your unique expression and care. If you gave me your email address you should soon receive the next newsletter from this website, so look for it, from The Fool Story.’ Angela Halvorsen Bogo, The Fool Story

The conference aimed to create an arena to reflect: What does it take to reinvent Europe from an embodied integral perspective, synchronizing different value-systems?

Integral practitioners from all over Europe and the world met at the shore of beautiful Lake Balaton in Hungary to share the latest insights from all areas of integral theory and practice, such as politics, business, education, medicine, psychology and more.

We experienced an innovative conference format: seamlessly interweaving crisp presentations, juicy transformational workshops and heart-opening communal events.

Join us for the next big integral gathering in Europe in 2018…where will it be? Greece? Scotland? the Netherlands?

Let’s reinvent a more coherent vision for Europe together! 


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