Embodied Authentic Flow, August 8-11, 2018, Biesenthal, nr Berlin  

 As the world escalates in speed and uncertainty, there is a great need for more of us to learn how to navigate in the unknown with sensitivity and to show our families, teams and groups how to do the same. And if we can also recognise and play with joy no matter the circumstances, we will always be able to access a powerful, unlimited source of energy to co-inspire one another with strength and healing. Embodied Authentic Flow invites the conscious choice to enjoy. This is a particular direct experience of presence. It is inspired by the archetype of the fool, and accessed through connection with others, self and nature in play, improvised movement, clowning, silence and meditation.

Each day, deceptively simple embodied exercises will be offered which nurture innocence, or deepening or delight or something else. By listening and co-creating together we will shape the days and move between the workshop space and the surrounding countryside of forests, fields, lakes and rivers, connecting ever more deeply and playfully.

Let us see how we can collectively light up, energise and open for each other allowing what emerges to show the way. Experience summer lightness of being. Co created simplicity.

Angela Halvorsen Bogo – Storytelling, singing, clowning, playing, fooling, facilitating, co creating through the world for a lifetime. Inspired by the fool’s principles of allowing paradox, acceptance and trust, she attempts a not-knowing leadership style to light up others to navigate and enjoy the unknown and emerging social field.


Embodied Authentic Flow 8 -11 August 2018




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