For you who are curious to adventure inside stories and yourself to find courage and wisdom to live an audacious, brave and wild life.

As the hero is called from comfort to a risky journey and as the heroine must be courageous in order to be transformed, so must we. Each journey, each courageous act changes us and changes the world.

In this intense course of deep listening, body work, song, play, writing you will be engaged with the whole of your being. We will work with the body in movement, yoga and dance; discover places in the story through both sung or spoken words and sounds; contemplate in silence and deepen our collective presence so that we can together unveil the power and secrets within ancient and biographical stories. At times we will also connect with nature in the gardens surrounding Woodbrooke.

Angela Halvorsen Bogo met master traditional storyteller Duncan Williamson in 1990 whilst searching for a medieval ballad. He was one of the great oral storytellers who had collected more than 3000 stories from all over Scotland. For many years she learnt from him and others in Scotland where she lived for 20 years. Since 1990 Angela has carried on the tradition of telling stories by heart and creating new ways in which the ancient stories and the wisdom they contain can be made available to people now. She tells stories to every age group, has visited over 35 countries, has trained storytellers, teachers, managers, priests, librarians, actors and clowns and had many, many adventures. She works in an embodied way using improvisation and meditation co-creating with the group.

Woodbrooke Training Centre sits in luscious gardens in Selly Oak, Birmingham, UK.

Full details here https://www.woodbrooke.org.uk/item/the-hero-heroines-journey/

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